Teapot Candles

Tea with Tracy is manufacturing teapot candles with 12 scents that are available all year long and seasonal scents available in each season. You can purchase the candles through our website and at our tearoom location in Seymour Connecticut. You can also find the candles all over the United States in gift shops, tearooms and specialty boutique shops.   



The perfect gift for that perfect person is a candle that can also be used as a teapot. The candle comes with instructions on how to clean out the wax, a teapot spout strainer to be used to catch loose tea and we also send a sample of loose tea from our expansive tea menu. Over 15 scents at any given time to choose from. The candle comes packed in a box with custom cut high density foam to protect the glass from any rough shipping conditions that may occur. 

 Empty and ready to be used with loose tea!

Empty and ready to be used with loose tea!

Wax removal Instructions

Once the candle has been burned to within an inch from the bottom and you are ready to use the glass teapot as a teapot here are some instructions on how to clean out the wax from glass teapot.   



With our one of kind candle that offers the ability to later being used as a teapot is a great gift idea and ideal for any store, tearoom or boutique. Click link below for more information.