I. Protect your work surface so you will want to protect your counter or table from any spilt wax. Use either old towels or newspapers over the surface
2. Slice the wax up. Stick a sharp knife into the candle and start poking the wax, creating small slices and slits. This will help the wax melt faster. It will also help the water get underneath the wax and separate it from the glass.

3. Pour boiling water into the tea pot. Do not fill the tea pot all the way, however. Eventually, the wax will begin to melt and start floating to the top of the water.

4. Let the tea pot cool for a few hours. When the water has cooled down, and the melted wax has become solid. The wax will now be floating on top of the water, making it easy for you to remove.

5. Poke the wax out. Once the wax has hardened, you should be able to just pop it out. Keep in mind that the water may also spill out of the tea pot while you are doing this.

6. Remove the wick holder. You should be able to remove the wick holder by slipping a knife under it and pop it off. If it doesn't come off easily, simply pour more boiling water over it, and try to remove it again why the water is still hot.

7. Remove any residue. If there is any wax still left inside the tea pot, you could wash the jar using soap and warm water. Another way to remove wax residue is by soaking a cotton ball with baby oil and wiping it over the wax and glass.

8. Reuse the tea pot. You can now reuse the tea pot as you like. 

*Be sure not to let wax melted in water go down the drain. It will solidify in the pipe, causing a clog.
*Avoid overheating the glass––if the candle gets too hot or touches electric hotplates directly, it risks exploding.
*Never use a microwave to melt wax inside old candle tea pots. The tab that holds the candle wick in place is made out of metal, which could ruin your microwave or start a fire.
* Always use caution when handling hot water and sharp objects.