Tea Currency

Tea Currency

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GONE are the annual Groupon deals! We are offering our own limited time deal through our own website. This is an Afternoon Tea with a choice of our Strawberry Arugula or our mixed Greens Salad.

Afternoon Tea comes with choice of flavor of scone, a Tea sandwich, choice of dessert and a 2 cup pot of tea.

******FINE PRINT: This deal will run for a limited time only, You may purchase as many as you want! No Limits! ******

***Reservation are REQUIRED!! *** Limit of redeeming 4 per visit!! (No Exceptions) *****

REDEMPTION Period is JULY 15th until October 31st. The redemption period is after the sale period as we will need time to generate the purchase reports.

*** The amount of money you spend will never expire but all deals expire on October 31st. ***

Here is the big bonus to buying through us! If you purchase 4 or 6 at a time we will be able to track and redeem them 1 at a time!!

Again RESERVATIONS are required and we do not accept reservations through email or Facebook. Call to make your reservations! 203-881-5484

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